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Of Whats Latest

+First off, movies Ive watched
-Ninja Assasin was just fine, love his weapon but alot fake blood hah
-New moon just isn't my type of movie, Bella is just too needy
-2012 didnt went the way i thought it would but everyone is supposed to die isnt it?

+Anyways, since my SAM program officially ended and moved back home from the hostel, ive had absolutely nothing to do, my plans were to finally get my license but i have not yet registered for it :/ wanted to look for a job but found none suitable since i live out of town :/ Ive only been spending most of my time with friends in UCSI, crashing their classes :) I thought holidays would be alot more fun. I kinda miss the hostel life in Inti..why? Absolutely NO curfew, i could just go for a drink with friends if i couldnt sleep but that aint possible here at home :/ also, been too lazy to blog, so now ive only been in my room at home hunting for new musics and working out since thats the most i can do.

+I noticed something growing inside of me (mentally, not physically even though i feel it) and i traced it back to when it actually started. *Flashes back* Somewhere between the final public exam of my SAM program, i started having weird feelings, no, not confused, not sad, and not even happy but something indescribable like you take all confused, sad, happy and those other emotions and mix them altogether and voila, how i feel. I dont know if this happens to everyone once in their life but i seriously hate feeling like this. Now, its even worse, its almost at the level where it can hurt me physically, enveloping me. Its been almost a month im in this state of uncertainty and i just hope it all to go away asap.

+Alright enough of this emo crap, now, the good news, hmm, i cant really share it here as its completely personal but i dearly want to so all i can say is i still have reasons to smile despite all these =) Goodday people~!!!

*singing to A Beautiful Mess-Jason Mraz Live on Earth version*

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