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The Last Stand

+What was the saying again? "good always triumph over evil" will be proven once and for all...soon. The eternal war between good and evil, have involved the mortals over the centuries and Lately, i have been called upon by the valiant knights who have fought and protected mankind to aid them. All that i have been told was that it was of fatal importance that every man who can wield a sword join the battle. I was not alone there, in fact, alot of young men took up swords, despite the small number, we were our last hope. The ones incapable however took refuge at the last stronghold in the world since the devil walked the earth. Weeks have passed since then, seas of blood and tears have been shed, and the devil is stronger than ever. It has now come to us that we have a day until doom befalls us and we would have to take the last stand to protect our kind. There i was, brandishing my blade, strapping on armour, and so as the rest of the battalion in our preperation for our last stand against the devil himself.

+The Final hour is almost gone, the sky darkens, storms start stirring, the earth shakes with each marching step of the devil's army. Far beyond the stronghold walls, i could see a massive swarm of hell spawns, led by a huge monster with gigantic horns, the devil himself. The earthquakes adds anxiety to our already trembling body. None of us, expects to live to tell the tale yet We bidded farewell to everyone before marching out of the stronghold up to a distance from the devil's army and stalled. Our leader, a fearless white knight, walks up to the front. "Men, this is it! we are the last stand against the devil, have faith in yourselves, have faith that the angels will finally descend and aid us. Prove yourselves worthy to mankind! Warriors, draw your weapons! This shall be the day we prove that good always triumph over evil!!". We hailed our hearts out, he lept forward, leading the battalion towards the dark army.

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