Who or which is the best car manufacturer?


+*4:15AM* Yet another sleepness night.. spent a whole 20mins trying to give this post a title and ended up with what it is now. Wednesday wasnt so bad, technically, today is Thursday already, but i had some fun yesterday. The SAM students organized a BBQ session since this is our only free time, not free exactly, its our "study week" which = to "no classes". (No pics, bad lighting :/) anyway, during the bbq, someone, i forgot who, kok jun i think, came up with the paintballing topic. I totally forgot how the conversations lead to that but spontaneously, those who were interested, decided to go paintballing later today lol, (1 thing to do off the list*) the extreme park we are going to hit is at PortDickson since its at these times we should have activities as everyone will be headed to their seperate directions. For me, im leaving Inti for sure and enrolling at a uni near my place hopefully but i digress. After bbq we went for pool (Did an awesome Jump shot-holed black ball and owned Lee XD, he was speechless) and bounced off to Smokeez (bar nearby). Had a Bailey's and headed back to hostel to watch "DogHouse" the title dont really fit the movie but its an overall gory and thrilling and funny movie, in fact, one of the best i've watched this year. Well here i am now ending this post. *4:32AM*

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