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Empty Blabbering

+SIGH... The digital clock on the top of the desk glows with these figures *2:54AM*, the room is as cold as ice, well at least thats what i feel, its dimly lit atmosphere bears an uncanny resemblance to the atmosphere in a horror movie. Another huge SIGH from me again.. Have been facing the stack of dead, binded texts, titled; "Psychology" for the whole day. Plus, having a disturbed circadian rythym isn't going to be in my favor facing the Public exam coming up in less than 2 weeks. #3rd and final enormous SIGHHH.....

+Time doesnt fly, Time freakin warps lol it's almost the end of my SAM program and i do not have high hopes in getting rainbow coloured results. It is even harder to do so knowing that better scores will result in higher expectations in the near future. I honestly do not do well under pressure even if i could handle it. This is me and this fact about me cant be changed. I choose to not do well, not that i couldnt, despite all the burden i can lift off my parents through the scholarships, i inevidently chose a normal life, im sorry. I digress.

+Would you believe me if i told you that i am capable of robbing any banks in Malaysia? :) I wouldnt wanna tell you that or the cops will bust down my hostel door in the middle of the night. Take Die Hard and The Taking of Pelham123 as examples. Even the US security can be compromised, im sure its not going to be hard here ;) I could do it with just proprietary communication systems. I would dearly wanna discuss this matter here but i dont think its appropriate to do so here : X I digress.

+I feel like singing. I feel like dancing. I feel like cooking. I feel like expressing love. I feel like rock climbing. I feel like paintballing. I feel like driving. I feel like sky diving. I feel like bungee jumping. I feel like travelling the world. I feel like being in a room full of zombies with a chainsaw. and the list goes on.. so many things to be done, so little time in a life to do so (except the zombie part, that would be awesome but..)... All kinds of thoughts racing in my head, so confused and at a loss of direction, is it the hormones? damn, hows can a person stop thinking unless dead? There are just so many things in my poor brain i cannot focus. These thoughts sometimes take a life on their own and loves to distract me.

+thats it for now i guess, im just so bored and i cant sleep, appetite's not so well. Bottomline is, i feel like shit. Im out........*3:36AM*

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