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At Times Like This...

+..where we are either emotionally or financially unstable or probably both, we NEED to always remind ourselves that LIFE is like going through a WASHING MACHINE, there will be twist and turns, we will be tossed around but ultimately, we come out of it brighter AND cleaner of course than before.

Dear Blog

I have noticed that i have been abandoning you at times, throwing all kinds of things at you, everything except tales of love and joy and i am regrettable to have let you be filled with negativity. As of this day, 19-12-09 you will be taking a huge turnaround. I will treat you the way you deserve and to make up to all the negativity, i am going to fill you with glee. I hope you will forgive my lack of enthusiasm towards you.

Here are my promises to you as of now.
-A minimum of 1 post a week
-No emo crap
-Posts filled with pictures

Alvin L

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