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Of a Dream..

+For the first time of my life, I woke up today, drenched in tears for unknown reasons... I had no idea whats wrong but i just started sobbing when i got up, like the kid in the pic. All I remember was pieces of the dream i had, something bout having a fight with someone but i do not know who this person was and what he/she or i had done that got this emotional fight started, i still remember i was freakin crying like a waterfall and vandalizing some furniture and the rest remains a mystery...

+I love dreaming tho, who doesn't? Its like the only personal, ideal place of ours where everything is perfect and Nothing is impossible (except if you're having nightmares of course). For me, i have this place i call the Dreamland (kinda childish but what the heck, we are all childish on the inside) To me, this Dreamland is a place where i meet all of the people i know when i sleep and have all kinds of journeys, adventures..etc etc (i know, it's so kid like but it honestly feels awesome tho) and everything goes according to my will... I so wish there was something that could record people's thoughts and project them like in the animation "meet the robinsons"..

+Talking bout nightmares, i forgot when was the last time i had one, also for unknown reasons. Perhaps i just got immune to it? Dreams.. such mystical phenomenas, fills me with wonder right down to my toes. You know, honestly, i have had only 2 dreams which came true, not gonna mention it here but come on, i had been dreaming for 18 years and only 2 came true? damn..

+Anyways, now to end the post, i will be describing my "dreamland" in detail with illustrations and sketches and all in the coming post lol holla~

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