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Oh Christmas

+CHRISTMAS wasnt all that i expect this year, only did a countdown with friendlies on the day before, my family dont really have this "lets celeb christmas" tradition mainly coz they are of different religion but me, im the only different one, to me, life's too short to miss just about any celebration. The celebration at sunway was crazy tho, mountains of guys and gals having fun with those foam sprays gosh im so going to join them next year, just for the heck for it :) Im too lazy to write alot here plus i dont have pics to tell stories about, Coll gonna start soon too, another year gone, hmmm to be honest this is definitely a year i did alot of new things, met alot of new and interesting not to mention sakai people haha. Also this year is definitely not a great year financial wise due to the great monetary depression but when i really put a lil thought into it, it is actually an awesome advantage to me as i by the time i finish my education, the economy would be back on track heading towards a boom ergo alot of golden opportunities open up and its up to me to take them on!

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