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Penang Trip (Edited)

Finally had a lil time to type this lil chapter of my life out, read on :)
Went there by train, KTM apparently, took us 9 hours PLUS we had to wait for an hour+ due to delays :/ chatted on the train, met some girls lol not goin to go to details, they left at the Ipoh station and a furious debate began bla...bla..bla... Casey and his tem lost tho, so he had to cover our ferry tickets :) From left, Casey, Leonard, Navin, Kiesh posing lamely at out hotel lobby XDNice building, some government building i supposeWhile waiting for a bus...Went to check out the beach before checking-in (someone was pretty impatient)Hi :)Had a lil game of Beach Futsal, apparently, CASEY kicked the ball too had and it went into the river further in the photo =.=Yeah i do miss you dear :(Queensbay~Queensbay Mall, the largest mall thereAtop the Kek Lok Si temple~Construction goin on~ and Navin kept on swearing. I told him not to then his bag kinda snapped lol This is Prolly the highlight of out trip there, really funny shit, watch it ^^

Went to Gurney Drive for dinner and watched Quarantine, awesome movie~
Reached the hotel at Bout 3 in the morning, we nearly missed the train the following day

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