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Sign of Happy Days ahead?- 0.0

Okay heres something wierd i saw bout 1 or 2 days ago, i just remembered and so i wanted to share this coz im not the only one who saw this. Heres it, while i was coming home from my grandma's place in Cheras, me and my bros and mum were in the car and we were just passing through Mahkota back to Sg. Long right, my bro looked up into the dark sky and saw something really wierd or prolly very fascinating (prolly once in a lifetime), well, me, i was like "WOW, WTH, 0.0" so i quickly took out my cellphone and tried to take a pic of it but to no avail, the camera failed me and couldnt capture anything (too dark i guess)...anyway can you guess what is it that we saw?? its at night so you would prolly say its just some stars and the moon, yeah it is, BUT it was in a very sweet/happy kinda arrangement... maybe im better off explaining with the help of a pic, this is roughly what i saw=

No kidding people, its even in the news (where you can find real photos of this phenomena), as you can see, the stars make up the eyes and the moon as the smiling mouth, just 2 stars and the moon...i hope my dearest who is currently in china saw this :/ i have a strong feeling year 2009 is going to be a hell of a great year >_<

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