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P.D. Family trip

Alrite, after im back from Penang, Dad came back from Dubai for hols and decided to go to P.D. for a night out, yeah just 1 night nothing much here just another placce to relax :)checked-in to Guoman Beach Resort (nice place except the food :/)Heres the swimming pool, quite alot of kids having fun here 0.0The room im in, not bad for rm200 a night, its pretty cold as wellactivities there= (Kites, Beach, Banana Boat, Swimming)Now this shot was awesome, its got visible light rays shining down but cant see it here, sadwell the buffet dinner at the resort doesnt look promising enough so we had to drive all the way near the twon to this western/mexican restaurant, El Cactus. Great dinner here, had some Nachos and Burittos, definitely worth it, we'll be coming here again soon ^^
Had Buffet dinner in the morning and went home, was planning to go to the PC fair so yeah there we went.END.

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