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+ Heres an interesting metaphor. Some humans are easily affected by emotions or energies around them much identical to sponges, which soaks up water around it very easily. Sponges will not stop absorbing until it fills itself up and waits to be squeezed to release the water. In the human case, emotions are passively absorbed from surroundings no matter positive or negative ones until he or she is stressed out and a great big tight hug would logically squeeze away the stress. Sponges cant live without water too, it needs to be soaked once in awhile, because if you leave a sponge out to dry, it will harden and fall apart, now, need i explain more? =0

I must admit i am the very type of a spongy person and it gets really annoying. One bad thing about sponges is that they take in and never let out OR LET GO without force (of course forcing is rarely a good thing) When you are one of my kind, you have to learn to let go.. IMAGINE you are a dove (or any other bird of preference, chicken perhaps? haha) Birds as we all know are light, winged animals that do not fly in bad weather. Imagine yourself looking at your wings and realize all the heavy "packages/burden" you are carrying. You try to flap your wings but you cant gain some air. You try again but to no avail, your out of breath. You LET GO of your packages and try it again. This time, your body lifts with 2 flaps and you flew.

Now, the bottomline is that you will not soar the skies if you have heavy burdens anchoring you down and in most cases, these burdens are created by not learning to LET GO of things.. Hope i helped in some way... Love, Alvin Lee.

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