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I Can't

+ I can't JUST be friends with you. I'll be lying to myself and to you if i said so. I can't pretend i dont know you, i DO know you, it's a fact, can't change that. If i said i'm okay and lets be friends, it'd be a flat out LIE, im not saying i'd rather not hang out but every time we do, i'd want more so cant you see how inauthentic it would be. It wouldn't work for me, the friendship will never work. I can't JUST be friends with you, i like you too much.. take your time, do your thing, i'll be right here in this spot.

All because of you, I haven't slept in so long,
When i do i dream, of drowning in the ocean,
Longing for a shore where i can lay my head down,
I'll follow your voice, all you have to do is shout it out!

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