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+Its been a month into 2010, life is definitely carefree in those 31 days. The following days wont be the same. mid terms and assignment due dates are already on the way to make life less fun. Dear blog, there were so much i wanted to tell you, it all got messed up but im going to tell you whatever i remember anyway. First things 1st, I finally got hold of the oh so great book, as in THE book i have been dreading to let my mind have a taste of the main dishes in it. THE book talks about the 13 most creative thinking tools of the world's most creative people and how proprietary education is so misleading and bla bla bla (too much to be typed here so i'll just leave it)

+Moving on, i have been thinking alot too... about my priorities in life. Friends or Family? In the beginning, it was Friends then Family, why is family the 2nd on my list? Thats due to the way they treated me before, and i treated my friends better than my family. But that was back then when i didnt know how to think and the sacrifices my family made to raise me and that i owe them my life, the reasons i used to label them as bad people now seemed all such childish, immature thinking. Now i realize my responsibilities as the direct heir of my family to serve and protect them. Every now and then when i glance at mom, i see the scars from her sacrifices, the wrinkles on her face, deep inside, conscience and guilt poaches me... and my eyes would turn watery. She is in her late forties now as well as my dad and will soon be unable to support us 3 sons and as the eldest in the family, im next on the support list. I cannot depend on them anymore and i must strive towards independence and do what is logically and intuitively right even if it will severe ties with friends, male and female alike. Nonetheless, everybody needs somebody sometimes...

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Chenelle-YT said... February 4, 2010 at 8:32 AM

Same here when im thinking of my studies and my family. im having the same thoughts as u as well. Guess we're both growing as a better person! ^^ keep it up. god bless (:

Valerie *yeehong said... February 6, 2010 at 12:14 AM

Heyy, dun be too stress for being the one who has the major responsibilty towards ur family in the future :) N,uu can speak to us as well if u havee no timee to tell ur dear blog hahaa :D

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