Who or which is the best car manufacturer?


+Its been a week, things are definitely getting better if not great, just had a quiz for Probs and Stats this morning and it was pretty easy :) only the first week back into dancing and i already have 2 performances coming up, one hopefully in March for the UCSI MSA event (a huge event i heard) and another one in May for the UCSI Dance club. Am also managing my classes well, no skips so far lol and me aims to keep it that way.

+It feel like life is back on track, my secret? i have lately stumbled on some Ambient Music like those HERE and they are dreamy if not godly. These are just music actually, soft, soul piercing melodies which helped me put my mind at ease at emotional times. They really clear my mind out and allow me to think in a crystal clear optimistic manner. The interesting this about these music is that a single piece of it is able to bring you through different calm emotions, listening to them at different time and places tells different stories :) Life seems nice for now... but it would be perfect if only... anyways, i have some things planned, i sure hope everything works in my favor.

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