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+ Alright, college is boring (as in the classes), home is boring, and i seem to live in a monochrome world now despite the abundance of colourful people around me (no racism intended). The second week of college seems just a lil better with some troubles out of the way and classes are settled. Toughest class so far, Computing Studies which focuses on programming language :/ im actually just fine with numbers but not complex equations however i hope to excel in it since it will definitely do some help on my other interests.

+Other than mentioned, i cant help but notice or realize or receive insights to a few things... Firstly, is that i am turning back into a geek, clinging onto my PSP and laptop more than ever in a week most probably due to the fact that i find the virtual worlds more interesting? Next is that i realize if you don't have a purpose/reason as to why your heart is continuously pumping blood, you should spend life trying to find a meaning for it and have fun while you're doing so as the world is THE LARGEST classroom which actually has the element of surprise in its arsenal of lessons and Third, i have to agree that Gifts are Curses.. What is the use of having good English when its the only thing stopping you from communicating?

+Anyways, i have drawn up a simple sketch of DreamLand and scanned it just to show you that there really is progress~!! :)

+The short clip process is such a hassle, i had no idea it would be that hard so i will keep adding things to the map and post on descriptions and pics of each location instead...until then.

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