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I believe in Magic~

+ Well not magic exactly but more to the supernatural a.k.a. extraordinary kinda thing. I have always been interested in the otherworldly field, they are mysterious and most importantly unexplainable, which is why it is so interesting. With this, i started a research on the paranormal fot both self and a report for an assignment. Throughout the research, i stumbled upon a web address which contains alot of books- ancient books as well- that were written by the ancestors mostly on spells and charms, demons and angels, black magic, and the like.

Reading through the ancient texts which were translated from latin to day english, i came across a little charm which is said to protect us from negative energies- out of pure curiosity and boredom, i put it to the test. To make it work, i am suppossed to write down a series of simbols and a sentence in black in latin on a piece of white paper and bring with me where ever i go. I did as instructed and guess what? it didnt turned out to be as a protection (or as far as im aware). However, something else happened. I started to have a lucky streak where once in a while, i would catch sight of money bills on the floor. At times, if im lucky, the most i picked up was a rm10, least was a rm1 note. Call it luck or whatever you want but Casey, as well as Daryl, who are both working with me at the moment have witnessed the paranormal phenomena. In just this week itself i have already picked up a total of rm15. Now heres my theory for this phenomena, the symbols and wordings kinda act like am amplifier for needs and turns them into reality which we usually call it materializing.

For now, i am still putting in variables to prove the theory, the tests continues.....

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