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Thoughts and Expressions~

+Currently on Sem Break- working in the KLCC book fair, if you see me, remember to say Hi :) anyways, I have been doing alot of thinking lately, bout jobs, college, friends, partners and LIFE and i came to the point where i basically look at the mirror and evaluate myself and what is my prespective of this world..

To me, this world is divided into 2. Firstly, the material world or the world where money is king and then comes the immaterial world, made up of personalities, emotions and thoughts. Both worlds despite their significant differences are related to each other. We all live in both worlds, which is why alot is being said about a healthy balance leading to eternal bliss for instance, a healthy balanced diet would logically lead to good health. However, one can be happy even though he failed in the material world, reason, keeping friends and families close but one can never be genuinely happy even though he succeeds in the material world and not the imaterial one.

Other than all these, i noticed my way of thoughts fluctuating throughout my entire life and i mean alot of things are different now than the past. Looking back at how i used to present myself really makes me laugh, happy as well, knowing i have realized my defects and fixed them. I can say im much more confident now, with whatever i do and how i present myself to both species of homosapiens. I am really one lucky person to have obtained LIFE secrets, mostly through reading plus listening and most importantly, direct experience. One simple advice always think and put yourself in the shoes of the other peoples, Do a social comparison, compare yourself and the others and being grateful is the key to hapiness.

I'm also rather lucky, or should i blame fate to leading me to great peoples like David DeAngelo, and the person from the MOMOZONE on youtube, who have instilled me with inspirations and filled me with confidence and passion with life.

Sometimes, i really doubt the existence of gods- what i really believe is EACH and EVERYONE of us are ANGELS and We typically help each other instead of getting help from god because i have never seen god in action but there are so many, too many evidence to prove we are the genuine angels ourselves, for instance, Obama being the angel of the people of the United States of America. However, one thing i noticed through my life is that i always take the role of an angel to the people around me, helping them go through difficulties and obstacles in life. I have recently realized that my own angel is nowhere in sight.. taken aback from this truth, im falling to darkness accompanied by loneliness. Despite all these, i thought to myself... i still have my pair of wings, just start flapping them and you will soar through the sky out of space to eternal bliss.....

Where is my Angel anyway...? Knowing you exist or i might be just too blind to notice you would keep me relieved and we can share the eternal bliss along witht the rest of us angels.

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