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Of Friends

+This is Iqbal, a Malay friend of mine i met here in Inti, also, he lives in the room just right above mine lol, and funny thing is he is a malay but he dont know how to speak Malay. He practically grew up overseas. This photo was taken during the 1st time i brought him to a photography class as models. Boy was he happy lol. We used to be in the same class, the science stream but i switched to the humanities since it was hard to catch up with. Every now and then i hear him and the others complain how they are struggling but they still manage to have crazy times together. The other day we went out for dinner, we couldnt decide where to go as he cant have pork as a malay and he would go to malay hell if he does, but then i told him, "dont worry, you'll go to chinese heaven if you ate pork" :)

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the-iqster said... June 21, 2009 at 5:21 AM

Awwww... you still remember me! haha good times.
and I'm not sure whether I'll be staying the the same room for next semester. I missed the booking date for the same room. =P

˙˙·˙·٠˙·٠•»».::αιvin†чσuиgвιoodz::.««•٠·˙٠·˙ ·˙ ˙ said... July 4, 2009 at 11:38 AM

Aww then you cant shit on me anymore!! haha

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