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Of Ups and Downs in Life

+ Looking at this picture taken in end of 2006, it reminds me of how life can be awesome and cruel at the same time, life is like a bumpy ride, however, at some point, there will be a straight flat road ahead but it wont stay for long, others will take their chances to ride on that comfy, un-bumby road and in the end, spoil it as well. Anyway, this might look like one of the ups of life but it sure is not, we lost this time but no hard feelings, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, more determined, more confident and one less mistake you can make. I can still remember how I won 1st place the 1st time i was in a competition, totally filled me with glee and fueled by interest to pursue my dreams in this direction. Key to a happy life is to persevere, and have faith. Also just like a game of Blackjack21 4 of us had earlier today, you win some, you lose some but i laid low, not betting so much except only when im confident and in the very end, I took almost all of their winnings :) Never give up hope, the pot of gold is just right at the end..

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