Who or which is the best car manufacturer?

Tagging isnt Fun at all :/

Name: Alvin
Age/Birthday: 03/09/91 age? do the math
School: or college? currently between school and college
Elder sister: none
Younger sister:none
Elder Brother: none
Younger brothers: 2 annoying buggers
Favourite liquids [drinks] : water
Favourite consumable [food] : No greenies!
Favourite place to sleep: In a Hotel coz i dont have to clean anything after that
Flying?: soon
swimming/diving? : swimming but quitting soon
How much friends in MSN?: above 200
Couple?: nah, i wanna enjoy my new pair of wings for now
Loved ones? : yeah, miss her alot now
Get kicked on the butt: i'd say the opposite
Allergic: seafood
Gastric?: none
Whole fortune: =__=
Age of marriage: preferbly before 3o
Children wanted? : 2, if i can afford
Age of death: dont know dont care
Animals in house? : Hamster
Longest fingernail ever kept: i dont keep =_=
Wanted birthday present : Anything, Surprise me

Q:In your dream, a god tells you that you are a billionaire in your dream world and gives you a wish.What would you wish for?: HAHA funny question, if it was my dream, im the GOD in the dream world.END.

i took the liberty not to tag other people so it doesnt become annoying, so thank me ^^

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