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SMKSBS Chinese Camp 19Aug 2008~

OKAY, finally a big update lol, mm the first 3 pics was rehersal day and the whole chinese club commitee members were there preping up the stage and stuff. We..err I reached there in the morning at bout 7+ AM and meet up with the others, checked in and placed our stuff in our room (one of the classrooms) it wasnt that bad but because Sean/Zheng nam didnt bring the sleeping bags for me and himself we ended up building a hard uncomfy bed out of tables, later on there was the ice breaking session and were split into groups, me and chee fai waz placed in the SUI MU (jellyfish) group, there are 7 of us in the group until ka yan joined us later that day. There were lotsa games tho, mostly were ok but the water games were the best, my record was splashing 3 people in a row and man that was satisfying lol but i still got hit twice :/ anyway, night came and the club invited a fat/chubby guy whos favourite quote is "who am i? im spiderman"<.< he starts talking bout his life when he was thin/slim when he was in standard 3, he totally spoke in chinese and his english wasnt OK, the audience had to shout out at him to correct his mistakes lol the performing crew (me,chee fai and sean) went up to our rooms to prepare one last time before our performance..the performance would go well tho or so i thought until they told us bout "we are turning off the lights and use torchlights instead" then i gave then a "WTF" and so we jz did our thang, lets look at the bright side, at least no one would notice our mistakes if we did any ^^ our performance was followed on by performances from others dancing and singing crews then an encore by Jackie known for singing and night comes.. we were supposed to stay in our rooms but wth, rules are meant to be broken, literally lol alot of people stayed up all night some slept for a few hours and some slept and woke too early, but me, i slept at 4.30 woke at 5.30 then went around with mun hou in the dark, playing pranks on people who are asleep lol it was fun, it was bloody funny, especially see the reactions of the people XD i know its mean but hey, what else am i supposed to do when i cant sleep and there are lots of people/victims to lay our pranks on? were not the only one so i dont wanna tell what we did to avoid misunderstanding.. anyway this is goin too long, jz enjoy the vid and the pics..^^
preperations before camp

me playing around after rehersal
one of the games-look at what sean is doing.. the other games were all wet so no pics ><
HAHA Sean<- one of our pranks^^
-> Teo HAHA
-> kah yung, sleeping on chairs.. pity but funny

-> Kah Hoe, did the popping performance.. was he even sleeping lol?the crew's chinese names, the one on the most right is mine
-crew photos-

-Chee fai- his hair is a discipline teacher magnet^^

our group got 2nd place in the games^^ jellyfish isnt so jelly after all XD
-closing ceremony photos-

-The Jellyfish group and our facilitator, kit yan in full white
-Photos after the show-
i wonder....

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