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My side of Crisis Core~!

IF u have a PSP, you have.. no, you MUST get your hand on a copy of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. It was better than i expected, this event takes place right before the Advent Children chapter. You will start of as young Zack trying to make his way to become a 1st class SOLDIER and eventualy to become a hero. It has a long story line, it took me at least 12 hours to complete this game, full of action and a quite touching ending... 9/10 from me ^^ ive finished the game once and now doing it again in hard mode, my Zack stats are the following,
-lvl 33
equipped with
-hell blizzaga lvl3 +999% hp (dark firaga+dark thundaga)
-tri-fire mastered
-octaslash mastered
-chocobo stomp mastered
-elemental strike lvl3 +999% mp (through materia fusion)
-super ribbon
-divine slayer (took me a few hours to get this/kill the diety)
oh and awesome soundtracks too- OST are at the side!! ^^ enjoy

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