Who or which is the best car manufacturer?

Yet another holiday post~!

Alot females envy my hands for some reason, i asked them why but i get a "idk, theyre jz nice", lol i get confused sometimes coz theres no reasoning to itso i brought my HAND here so let the world see it.. so what do u think?do i have girly hands? :X

4th day of holidays,10days left, time do fly lol, didnt sleep the day before then at 6am while im jz bout to fall asleep, Jia Liang buzzed and invited to go Midvalley for some fun. Had breakfast at MZ. While on the way there, i asked, "how are the gals goin?" he said "by car".. i was like wth?were takin public transport and they r takin a car? damn.. he jz said that it was full =.= reached there and watched a movie at 12pm, "What happens in Vegas" it was hilarious yet touching and Cameron Diaz is hot lol. Me and Jin Rui had a lil arguement on the popcorn that "I" bought lol we end up sharing with evryone ^^" after that, went for shopping for our prom attire, i already decided mine and im not telling :P did a lil window shopping, crashed at McDs and went home, got naked, took a bath and crashed in my beloved bed...zzZZ

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