Who or which is the best car manufacturer?

My Desires~

What im about to show you is items from my very short current wishlist,its very Unaffordable atm but i swear to whoever is it sitting up there that no matter what it takes,i will get my hands on these Beauties before i die... dont laugh, jz watch me fullfiull my dreams in a few years...ok 1st off, lets check out sumthin abit small, its the Vaio L serie computer!!!

Its definitely a masterpiece of art.. argh, next up is sumthin far more unaffordable ATM, the nissan Fairlady350Z, evry guys dream....0.0

Gosh could u look at it, man please come to papa, i will polish u evryday, get u chrome 24s, put u in a sexy body, power u up, cover u in sexy shiny paint, u name it.

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