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Of a Cherry Tree

+Good morning little cherry tree
May I dance beneath your arms?
Please be kind to me
I cannot withstand your charms

Hello little cherry tree
Please don't fade away
Your beauty shines so brightly
Your pink is as sweet as May

Good afternoon little cherry tree
I love how your petals gently sway
So may I gaze upon thee,
Until the world is grey?

Why do you blush little cherry tree?
Your presence sweetens the endless days
And your scarlet robe fits you perfectly.
Now take my hand and we'll dance away into eternity.

Why do you taunt me so little cherry tree?
Why do you live so short and bright?
Your beauty is so captivating
I want you for all time

Good-night my little cherry tree
Let the snow be your bed
Don't worry I will wait for you
Until those winter blankets shed

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