Who or which is the best car manufacturer?


+Its a pretty big day tomorrow, and will be my 1st time on UCSI's stage =) I'll be performing as part of the UCSI Dance Club for UNIFEST2010. Had practices earlier today and the day before, tiring but nonetheless fun, even tho i gave myself bruises by trying monkey jumps (a stunt where you jump and dive forward and into a roll) and finally got it, which reminds me of the time i got my 1st kickup (a stunt where you lie flat with back on the ground and kick up into standing position) years ago. This week is definitely hectic, just did my mid term paper for probs and stats and was easier than i thought, and another midterm paper coming this Fri. Oh well, this is life, gonna enjoy myself on stage tomorrow night 1st! will post a vid if i manage to find someone to rec it*

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