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+ Its 4.02 A.M. and im wide awake in the middle of this dark and cold night.. the bottle of beer i had over dinner could only help to clear my mind for so long.. talked to Casey and he went off 10 minutes ago, now i cant go back to bed since the alcohol wore off.. I have had nothing to post recently, apparently i was happy enough or not so emotional enough to spit out a post despite all the thoughts floating around, until now, i couldnt help it anymore but to transfer them here. Most of the problems were solved during our very own 1st intervention, of course i do not wish for another one, some raised voice and some shed tears, but im damn glad most of us poured our hearts out.. for good. Oh and did i mention PaperRoses, our band, had jz more or less composed our very 1st song? a great big toast to that! had no chance to celebrate but will definitely do once the final version gets recorded :) hmm what else.. oh and the UCSI dance club just had a mob performance last Wed, although my part was just very short, i enjoyed it, like i always do when i dance.. AND me and Aaron, we are planning to join UCSI's Got Talent as a team and we have some radical ideas for it, definitely something to look forward to.. also, we, as in the dance club will be organizing a dance competition in July, we will be participating as well, another thing to look forward to.. will also be visiting Broga Hills this Sat, FINALLY, and thats pretty much about it.. will try to update on our band's photoshoot later today..last but not least, to those who will be enrolling in higher education soon, Welcome to college life, good luck and study hard! dont be like me, i was just lucky enough to be given a second chance!.. Yours truly, Alvin Lee.

P.s. Supernatural so totally own Heroes =3

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