Who or which is the best car manufacturer?


+Alright, i would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Chenelle (Yee Teng) and Valerie (Yee Hong) for taking the time to comment on my posts, even tho just once but im hoping for more :) I just realized it actually haha sorry* coz i dont normally get comments but anyways it just feels good to know at least 2 people cares :) Well, dear Chenelle, if you felt the same way as i did, then congratulations, you finally took the leap and flapped your full fledged wings for the very first time. Keep on flappin them wings and never forget what family means :) As for Valerie dear, i will be sure to complain to you if im stressing out haha Im sure we all have our responsibilities and stuff to care about so if you, too, get stressed out, me along with the whole bunch of friends are all ears and hearts, at least i will definitely be even if they dont :) Lets all make our lives better and more functional, for a better future~

Your future gets brighter with each step towards light

*P.s. I totally ACEd the driving exam XD* Smugss*

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