Who or which is the best car manufacturer?


+Went to bed at 12am, still couldn't sleep at 12.30, plugged in my ipod at 12.30, kept on rolling on the bed, eyes still wide open at 1.30 so i got up and turned on my laptop... This post is totally a spam and im just gonna scribble stuff here now... Gosh... apparently im not the only one feeling like shit nowadays, i really wonder what in the @#$% is happening :/ i think i will delete this post the next time i post again.

+9.12PM* Coll was tiring today, class started at 8am and ended at 6pm... and there were drastic timetable changes, there is officially no classes for me on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS (5mins of joy) but my WEDNESDAYS just keeps getting shittier and shittier= probs and stats 8am-11am, econs 12.30pm-2pm, comp studies 2pm-3.30pm and FINALLY econs again 5pm-7pm... How am i supposed to absorb everything like this.... Anyways, went over to the UCSI North Wing today and boy the South Wing seems so... underdeveloped now... the North Wing seemed to be fully equipped in terms of facilities but somehow even so, INTI feels more like the genuine college life experience... Im not saying i regret joining UCSI as i always find new surroundings interesting (heart of an explorer haha) the people, the choices of food, the college culture. Subconciously, i like being the new guy for unknown reasons, maybe the lots of schools i attended have something to do with it? most probably tho...

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