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Of Ambitions

+There i was in Legal class, during the middle of discussion on criminal and civil laws that something struck me so hard i fell into my abyss of thoughts.. what struck me was my classmates, they all seemed… to have aims/ambitions and i could tell quite a handful have already decided to be lawyers later on. It was at this moment the question i have been trying to answer for some very long time, flashed in front of me.. “what are you going to be in the future?”… This is yet to be answered and will stay that way for now.

I did already and am still putting much thought on this matter but to no avail. There is a common saying that fate will bring you to your answers, or what you will be, will be. I find this hard to be accepted as it conflicts with what i believe, that we all have choices and its the choices which will drive us to out destination, correct choices of course but the problem just isn’t there… I have no aim… or at least i had, until the process of growth came and squashed my dreams. What i meant was i used to dream to be a scientist someday and invent all kinds of technology but while i was growing, i learnt that most of those dreamy inventions are relatively impossible. Despite all that, i have also tried to imagine myself as every single ambition in this material world but none, none from those occupations were able to spark the fiery passion in me…

I really envy those people with aims and people who has their lives already planned out or maybe roughly. I guess i have no choice but to hop on the train of fate. Take me somewhere where i’ll be of great use will you?

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