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To the new year of 2008

On the day before, 31-12-07.....
Day started with a visit to grandma's house, was required to remain there till about 6-7pm, brought the laptop for some Dota rounds just to shave time off the clock. The time arrived and went home with aunt to get changed for the Countdown party. Got into a long sleeved shirt and jeans and headed to Neisha's house ( was supposed to be celebrating at Times Square but traffic was bad so plans had changed ). Moving on, reached house at bout 8 and met Casey, Gloria, Niesha, May Wei and Navin there. Guess what? we had to make our own dinner=.=(pizzas and pasta) the was already was prepared, there were mozarela cheese, cheddar cheese, green pepper, pineapple, tomato, minced chicken meat and mushrooms and the pizza tomato sauce of course, the others started filling their pizzas with the toppings but me and Casey insisted on making OUR own pizza (actually, i dislike the green pepper and evry1 was putting them in their pizzas lol) i gobbled up about 4 pizzas and a bowl of pasta, Casey did 5 pizzas and a bowl of pasta. After that, Neisha unveiled the treasure box(box filled with fire works) it was bout 9pm then,we grabbed some fireworks and started blowing them up, Gloria came up and asked....

Gloria: hey, how do you fire this?(holding a firework that shoots projections up from the ground)
Me :LOL, you open your mouth, then hold the bottom with it hahaha
Gloria:dont play la =.= wait, i tought the bottom is on the other side?
Me :speechless*
Casey:Laughing like mad
Navin:laughing like mad too
after that, another thing happened too, after Gloria learned how to light the match bomb( a firework that works like a match, you light it then throw it) she went on to try it, at her 1st try, she was standing close to us, (we didnt keep an eye on her knowing that shes harmless) But while she wanted to throw the 'match' it Actually SLIPPED out of her hands and fell on the ground RIGHT NEXT to us, and she started screaming, we looked at her and saw smoke on the ground...

Gloria: Ahhhh!!!!
Me : WTF??!!!
Casey: Oh FUCK!!!
Navin: SHIT!!
after running away

Casey:WTF are you trying to do??!!
Gloria: Dunno><
Me : Dont let her touch the matches man

then bla bla bla, and guess what? it happened like 3 times lol, after all the scolding and stuff, had a cake and went to where the real party is....(to be continued)

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