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yet another old post...

tis blog writing sucks, i wrote a full page jz now, n i accidentally clicked back button, then, when i clicked the forward button to tis page, evry single letter is gone!! arghh! haiz.. heres it again.. well ppl, its seems a decade has jz passed since the last time i wrote sumthing for this blog(im lazy as hell), n im reeli amazed how time flies, and even how ppl come and go, unfortunately, the gals form young bloodz cant perform anymore due to parental reasons if u noe wad i mean, which leads to 2 persons left to manage young bloodz, me n steven, sad thing tho, but, this crew will be put to sleep for awhile coz we r under intensive intermediate training heh,hmm, maybe i can post some pics of us doin it the nxt visit to tis blog:) jz trying to b better for ourselves n mostly for young bloodz!! all hail young bloodz!! lol

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