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Practice makes perfect

you noe, as 'they' say practice makes perfect, tis one u reeli got to trust me... well, heres wad i gotta say- today, 23 dec, our crew young bloodz, went into battle for the first time, n guess wad?? we won the battle for the vry first time, we were the best among 6 crews that competed, we were thrilled and man we took damn lots of photos wif da trophy, as da crew leader, im vry proud of my crew, thanks to yu ling, jeanie, felicia, steven n kevin, we hav succeded, we spent almost evryday practicing n finally, our efforts were paid:) wad a memorable day^^ i think i will be huggin da trophy when i sleep today=.=...(continued in nxt post, read on)
December 23, 2006

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